Our vision is to create the next model for the Insurance Industry based on the real crowd need, privacy, decentralization technologies, and full automatization.

We are technology driven. We combine Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and much more to provide the next generation tools and services.

Our wish is to deliver instruments to enable insurance coverage to everyone by simplifying insurance interactions, providing micro-insurances, and make the customer journey in the insurance world understandable, user-friendly, and entertaining.



At VERSICHERIX, we understand you.

We are working hard to provide the needed tools to make everybody safe.

The Safety need in Maslow’s hierarchy refers to the need for security and protection. When we met our physiological needs for food and water, our security requirement dominates our behavior. This need has to do with our natural desire for a predictable and sorted world, where things are somewhat within our control.

In our culture, to protect ourselves from something that could occur, we subscribe to insurances policies. By this mean, we are concluding contracts with insurances companies to help us if something goes bad. Those contracts increase our sense of safety and security which makes us feel more comfortable in our everyday lives.


Insurances cover for security but…

  • The severe conditions and high premiums annoy them.
  • They have no choice for complex and long lasting multi-risk contracts with excess coverage.
  • Insurance coverage is not available for everyone for an affordable price.
  • The insurance products are not consumer friendly and rarely available on a short term.
  • In the event of damage or loss, insurance company’s standard procedure tries to reduce or even deny the claim.
  • The feeling that you don’t care about your customers is high.


Our vision is to democratize the insurance industry and bring the customers on the driver sit.

  • Able to provide an insurance coverage to everyone in the world.
  • Using patterns and technologies, you are common with to simplify the sales channel.
  • Custom fit insurance products for the right coverage you need.
  • Sustainable and fair insurance for an affordable price tag.
  • On the spot, fast and reliable claim processing.
  • A real privacy, you are getting out of anonymity only for claims.
  • Use of unalterable database technologies; we are unable to cheat you.


We are providing an easy to use one-stop platform to create and manage all your insurance policies.


Sign up
Take a picture
Enjoy coverage


Available 24/7
Fully automated


Take control of your safety
Choose for short or long term contracts
Able to change fast for reliable coverage
Works with your current insurance policies


Insure single objects
Insure a partial value
Choose the deductible
Fully customize insurance policies


We see you as an anonymous identity.
We only know that you are a customer.
We don’t know what your insurance policies are.
We have access to your private data only during claim processing.



We are using the blockchain digital consensus concept, which is an unalterable distributed database and managed by algorithms. By this mean, we keep track of the transactions, users, data storage, and run autonomous agents/smart contracts on top of it. This technology also allows us to be respectful of your privacy, we want our customers to be in full control of their privacy until they have a claim, and depending on the claim, they could still stay anonymous.


Smart contracts are digital contracts executed by the consensus of computers. Like in the physical world, contracts are executed when triggered. For example: a customer takes a picture while insuring its object, in the event of a claim, the customer has to take a picture of the object again (then the images are processed to detect the damage), then talk to our chatbot, if the algorithms have a high confidence then the claim is automatically processed. Our goal is to bring insurance coverage to everyone by simplifying insurance interactions and ensure the binarity during the claim processing. In short, smart contracts allow us to create and process contracts on the spot and almost instantly.


We are using devices connected to the internet to provide triggers for our smart contracts. Combining both worlds, IoT and Blockchain, provides new opportunities for open data. This enables a true tractability and unalterably to the data collected.


We are using a combination of well-known and emerging technologies to provide the best services and tools to the crowd. Cognitive Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Big data, Machine Learning, etc. Innovation drives us; we don’t hesitate to alterate a current technology or making it state of the art.


Deep understanding

We have more than 15 years of knowledge in the insurance industry including extensive marketing, sales, and finance. We understand the interests and your vision.


Our insurance broker knowledge allows us to create new tools, services, and products for the crowd. And build a real trust between the Customers and Insurances.


We are aiming at providing a universal coverage to everybody wordwide. And strong solidarity across the humankind, enforced by technology and trust.


Our domain of activity is InsurTech (Technological Insurance).

We founded the company in September 2015.

VERSICHERIX is Swiss Stock Corporation of 10 millions shares.

Our commercial register is CHE-424.656.914

VERSICHERIX is under the trademark number 680036

We are focusing on the Swiss market at the moment.



What do you do?

Our vision is to create the next model for the Insurance Industry based on the real crowd need, privacy, decentralized technology, and full automatization. Our goal is to bring insurance coverage to everyone by simplifying insurance interactions, providing micro-insurances, and make the customer journey in the insurances world understandable, user-friendly, and entertaining. Technologically, we are using the blockchain digital consensus concept, which is an unalterable distributed database use to store and run smart-contracts.

What technologies are you using?

We are using latest technologies like Blockchain and Smart-Contracts to anonymise our customers and automate contracts creation and processing. Our architecture is micro-services based, which allow us to be technically open and scalable. We are aiming to be 24/7 available for any request.

What kind of applications and services are you doing?

Blockchain based products and workshops. Easy, consumer-friendly, and tailor-made insurance products. On-the-go insurance products. Automated claim process via smartphones on the spot.

Do you do Speeches and Workshops?

Yes! We move worldwide. We speak English, German, and French. We talk about Blockchain and Insurance innovations.

Contact us for more information!

I need you, how do we proceed?

Just contact us. We don’t bite 🙂



Stage of development
Our daily business is to provide Blockchain services as well as Innovation and IT services to the insurance and finance industries. We are in progress to find partners and seed the project to become an insurance. We have determined the global marketing and technological architecture. Several technical prototypes, tools, and documentation have been made.

Why is your team going to succeed?
Patrick and Reto know each other from the kinder garden and are both successful entrepreneurs. Patrick has more than 15 years in the insurance industry, and the other owns a software engineering and consulting company. Romain met them thru a person in common that works on open data projects for the Swiss government. As an InsurTech company, we need know-how in insurance, entrepreneurship, management and technology which is a perfect fit.

What is your elevator pitch to become an Insurance company?

We would be the first true P2P Swiss Insurance, both on social and technologically. Customer-driven and fully automated with tailor-made policies.

Long lasting and complicated multi-risk contracts with excess coverage nobody needs are at the moment industry standards, and the crowd is unhappy but powerless.

Easy to use one stop platform with seamless mobile integration. We digitalize the insurance and automate the claim processing.

What is your revenue model?

We provide services to the insurance and finance industries.
On the long term we plan to sell insurance products.

Target customers
Generation Z, Young people that want flexibility and speed, Elders that want to be cool or just be in control of their insurances.

When are you planing to be on the market?
Our current focus is to work with the insurance industry to deliver tools and services for them to serve the crowd with our technology. To launch ourself on the market with our own products, we will need to find the right partners first.

Can I invest?

You are welcome to contact us about this query.
To answer a question you surely have in mind we are looking for the seeding round for at least 1.70 Mio.

Investment opportunity
We estimated 55Mio revenue until 2022. But this is just the beginning. Versicherix is the European answer to Lemonade and has the potential to disrupt the whole insurance industry. We plan to expand outside of the Swiss borders to Europe and third world countries with risk carriers powered by the crowd and smart contracts based on the blockchain technology.


“Today, Switzerland can be seen as an innovation hub for things like crowdlending (eg, Cashare), drone technology (eg, senseFly), health monitoring (eg, Dacadoo) or p2p insurance (eg, Versicherix) and many more. For Switzerland and Singapore, where the success of many of their business models is heavily dependent on trust and operational efficiency, the new technology has great potential also for a Swiss-Singaporean collaboration.”

The Business Times

Le secteur bancaire n’est pas le seul domaine d’application de la branche. L’assurance fait également l’objet d’un vif intérêt. Dans ce cas, les experts parlent d’«insuretech». Après Knip, à Zurich, c’est au tour de la plateforme Anivo, à Zoug, de faire parler d’elle et de signer un accord avec les CFF. Ces deux exemples de courtage d’assurance ne correspondent toutefois pas au désir de disruption. Elles cherchent à améliorer le service aux clients, mais ne remplacent pas les assurances. C’est davantage le cas avec la start-up Versicherix, laquelle promet d’être la première assurance de personne à personne (P2P).


Auch in der Schweiz boomt das Thema InsurTech. Mit Versicherix entsteht in unserem Nachbarland gerade ein P2P-Versicherer. Auf der Website heißt es zum Konzept kurz und knapp: “Die Funktionsweise von Versicherix ist äusserst einfach. Versicherung wählen, Freunde finden, Geld sparen, Versicherix lieben!”.

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